International Youth Forum Go4BioDiv

Young people will have to bear the consequences of today’s actions and decisions – therefore their points of view should play an important role in political discussions and decision-making.

The International Youth Forum Go4BioDiv gives young adults between 18 and 29 the possibility to engage in the Conferences of the Parties of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD-COP). Initiated by the German development cooperation (GIZ) and the German National Park of the Bavarian Forest, Go4BioDiv has been carried out three times so far, in 2008, 2010 and 2012, parallel to the Conferences of the Parties in Germany, Japan and India. Young messengers from five continents sent wake-up-calls to the world community for conserving biological and the often associated cultural diversity.

Learn more about the lastest Forum: Go4BioDiv India.


What does Go4BioDiv stand for? What does biodiversity mean to us? Find out more here.